The rules & responsibilities below keep things fun whilst also keeping you safe. Please make sure to read them before participation in the event.

Runners Responsibilities

In signing up for the North Coast Ultra, you the athlete acknowledge and agree:

To enter the race fully aware of and prepared for; the distance to be run, the potential conditions and unique challenges of the terrain.

To have acquired through training, an understanding and capacity for self- sufficiency on the trails, and a knowledge of the problems that may arise during this type of event, including:

– Medical issues, either personal or to another runner.
– Climatic issues such as the rapid change in weather, visibility or trail condition.

To abide by The Good Samaritan agreement: All runners must agree that regardless of their position in the field, that should they come across another runner in real distress, that they will assist that runner to the maximum of their capabilities, and if necessary sacrifice their own race to ensure the safety of the other person.

Race Rules

There will be no unofficial participants allowed.

Each participant must complete the entire course under his/her own power and without any outside assistance except for support at the designated hydration/support stations. No carrying of another participants’ equipment, or towing of another participant allowed.

Upon registering, all runners agree that they will carry ALL required equipment for the distance that they will run. Participants must be prepared show the scrutineering staff that they are carrying all the required equipment at the start of the race.

Participants may not litter on the course in anyway whatsoever. Participants reported for littering, if found guilty by the race committee will be stripped of their race finish time and be given the same time as the last official finisher.

Compulsory equipment

Hydration Pack with minimum 2L capacity

Suitable Trail Shoes

High calorie food


Fully charged cell phone
Waterproof jacket
Space blanket
Two pairs of socks

Recommended equipment


Sun Hat
First Aid kit
Vaseline or anti-chaffing cream